Life After Divorce

They say falling in love is easy, but breaking up is hard to do. And Jennifer experienced just how hard it really is. Jennifer met the love of her life at just 18 years old. He was her high school sweetheart. They had what she thought was a good marriage. Of course they weren’t perfect. They had occasional disagreements and faced life obstacles just like every couple does. But the one thing she never thought was lacking was love. See after all that a couple experiences after being together for 20 years you start to feel a sense of security. After all, it’s not just your husband. For 20 years he’s been your life partner and best friend. But sadly, Jennifer realized that sense of security she had felt for all those years ripped from her with just three words, “I’m leaving you…”

For Jennifer it really was that sudden. There was no extreme fighting. No period of separation. They had lived together everyday for the last 16 years after getting married. They had a beautiful family, a lovely home, and nice cars. Their life was seemingly perfect. And in Jennifer’s eyes, it was. She was blindsided. It didn’t take long for her world to unravel. Within months he moved out and she was served divorce papers. Next their home was put up for sale and just like that, it was over. It was a whirlwind of negativity for her. “How did my life get to this?” Jennifer admits she went through a depression for seven long years. Seven years of being a single mom. Seven years of having to figure out finances, paying rent, and juggling life all on her own. So how did this mom of three, after going through all this find the motivation to change her life?  

Jennifer didn’t have a great paying job. She had never had to. Her husband was always the bread winner. She did get a divorce settlement, but being a single mom is tough. Much of it quickly went to putting a roof over her children’s head and providing for them. Jennifer attributes being pulled out from what she calls “the inferno” to Christ and great friends. Through it all, Jennifer had a great support system. And it was her good friend that motivated her to stop sulking and gain the confidence to claim back the things she once had. Starting with a home of her own. And that’s how I met Jennifer. Jennifer had the determination and support to make her dream a reality. She didn’t have an 800 fico score. Jennifer had less than perfect credit, however had worked hard to maintain it and be as responsible as she could. She didn’t have $50,000 sitting in her bank account. But she worked hard and was able to save overtime money and her tax return to sit aside and be prepared to make her purchase. I remember how nervous she was. Not because of buying the home, but because for the first time in her life she was doing it ALL BY HERSELF. Something that today, she considers one of her greatest accomplishments.

Have you been pondering over making the leap to buying a home, but just too nervous? I’d love to help! Contact me and I’ll walk you through the process, holding your hand every step of the way.

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